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Coobie Bra: THE Most Comfortable One-Size-Fits-Most

This review will be of great interest to anyone with boobs! (or should I say 'breasts'?) How's that for an introduction? I'm talking woman-to-woman here and I am sure you can relate to every woman's frustration in finding a good bra.

If you are like most women, you have spent way too much money on bras that you hope will be comfortable and give you good support. Personally I hate bra shopping. One bra brand will fit okay around my body but not in the cup or visa-verse. No two brands are sized alike, and when you finally find a good fitting bra you buy several of them, no matter what price they are because you fear the next time you need a new bra this style will be discontinued. I have a large chest cavity but not large breasts so I wear a 40B. Finding a bra big enough around that doesn't cut me in half, yet has a small B cup is next to impossible. And I don't know why the bra manufacturers do it but a B cup on a 40B is much bigger than a B cup on a 34B, so I still end up with too much room in my cups.

My most recent bra shopping experience was no different. When I ask the clerk if they had a 40B in the pretty bras she looks at me like I am some kind of weirdo. She repeats my question like I must have messed up the numbers some how, "You want a '40' 'B'?? Have you measured yourself to be sure that is the size you wear?" Insulted I walk away and begin trying on every bra I can find in that size until I find one that fits, then I buy every color in that style. My most recent purchased bra cost me over $40.00 each.

Then recently I received a sample bra from Total Stockroom, a distributor of the Coobie One-Size-Fits-Most Bras. They wanted me to carry their bras in my store. Because I only carry baby, maternity, and nursing products I did not feel this was something that I would be interested in stocking, but would certainly check it out for my personal use. I looked at this tiny little black bra in total disbelief that this was going to fit anyone but a 32A. "One-Size-Fits-Most...yea I bet!" I said to myself. Since I was just getting into the shower I thought, "Ok, I will squeeze this little thing on right after my shower and then send them a polite email to say their advertisement of one-size-fits-most was misleading.

After my shower I gave this little bra a stretch and was impressed with its stretch-ability. The company guarantees a perfect fit for anyone size 32A to 36D and says that varying other sizes will find a good fit too. I am a 40B so I had my doubts. I slid it on over my head (its a seamless, hookless bra that fits on much like a sports bra) and to my amazement it fit! I took the pads out through the tiny slits on the sides of the cup. I was very impressed how it instantly felt comfortable. The entire bra is stretchy, similar to a sports bra but without the flattening effect that sports bras have. It also has some rouching in the front which looks pretty but its real function is to prevent uni-boob...we all know what that is. The best part of this bra...when I turned sideways to look at the back I noticed a Wonderful feature...this bra did not create any 'back-roll!' All women know what 'back-roll' is. Even skinny little things can have a little back-roll with some bras.

I looked again at the materials that Total Stockroom sent me and discovered that the retail price of this bra was only $18.00-20.00, less than half what I paid for a bra that still had too much room in the cups and I was relieved to take off at the end of the day. I saw that they also carried a lacy version of this scoopneck bra, one that could be worn with low cut tops like a camisole with the lace showing, without all the bulk of also wearing a camisole.

I then decided to give this bra the full-day wear test and make my decision about the bra that evening...see if I was READY to get this thing off at the end of the day like all other bras I have ever worn. To my delight, there were several times during that day that I forgot I was even wearing a bra! Yes, it was that comfortable!

By four days later I was totally in Love with the Coobie Bra! I was still wearing it all day and only taking it off when I went to bed. By this point I wanted one in every color and style and I was telling my friends, other moms, our Mommies group, customers, anyone who would listen, that this was the worlds greatest bra! Even though I would never have thought of carrying products in my store that are not baby, maternity or nursing related, I decided to make a exception to my rule because this bra. I placed a wholesale order and even gave a Free Coobie to one of our BloggerMommies facebook fans when we reached 200 fans. She loved hers so much she has since purchased 3 more from us. She also posted her own personal review of the Coobie Bra on her own blog...check it out at General Hysteria A Life of Managed Chaos.

I gave one to Katy, one of our BloggerMommies, and she Loved it so much that she came back and purchased at least one more in each style. Here is what Katy had to say about the Coobie Bra:

What a wonderful bra! The first thing I thought when I first saw this bra was look at all the pretty colors! black, white, nude, yellow, brilliant blue, purple and a fushia pink! The bra comes with an extra pair of free clear straps and is super light and soft. There are three styles. The first is the scoopneck and looks almost like a normal sports bra with a little detailing on the front that makes it a bit more sexy. The second is a scoopneck with lace, its a little more fancy with lace along the top that would make it great for lower cut shirts to create a layered look. The third one is a strapless made for those sexy lil tops. All Coobies come with removable pads that are easy to insert and remove through a little hole along the outer edge of the cup. The Coobie is a one size fits most bra so it will go from a small A to a D making shopping so much easier. Just find the color you want and your done! The first thing I thought when I got it home was that it was going to push me flat and me being a very petite “A” I need all the help I can get. I was pleased when I put it on it didn't push me flat and was very cute an super comfy. Its so hard to find an “adult” looking bra in my size. I always end up with some brightly colored, polka dotted or flowered bra that is so uncomfortable and looks more suitable for a 6th grader . The straps are super easy to unhook and hook with two loops in the front and two in the back. I found that I could wear the bra with any shirt just by crossing or uncrossing the straps. Since I brought my first Coobie home I have also invested in the strapless too. I was so amazed that it stayed in place, most strapless are so full of padding that they fall around your waist with the wrong move. The Coobie bras are a great investment of at price ranging from $16.00 to $22.00* no matter what size you are. (*prices vary depending on where you purchase)

Word spreads fast in a small town so once they arrived in my store they started flying off the shelf. I had to place a reorder within the first week. Women of all ages were loving the comfort of the Coobie. Pregnant moms were buying them so they could wear one bra throughout pregnancy that would accommodate their fluctuating breast sizes without the need for several different bras, and breastfeeding moms were wearing them as sleep bras. That is when I decided that women everywhere deserved to know about the Coobie Bra. I contacted Adam, our rep at Total Stockroom and asked him if he would be willing to give away say 6 Coobie Bra's to our readers in exchange for us posting a review of the Coobie Bra. Adam quickly accepted our offer. So here it is Ladies, your chance to Win your very own Coobie Bra!

You can enter this contest to win 1 of 6 Coobie Bras but you know you are going to want more than one. I now tell my friends & customers that the Coobie Bra is a mix between Chocolate & Lay's Potato chips...every woman will crave them and you simply cannot have just one! If you would like to purchase a Coobie bra now, you can simply go to The Baby Store Plus.


You can Now Purchase Coobie Bra's in our Online Shop at The Baby Store Plus

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BusyBodyBooks Keep the Whole Family Organized

Moms know how hectic things can get when you are trying to keep up with the schedules of each and every family member! You think, "Oh My Goodness! Isn't there some way for me to keep track of everyone's appointments, important dates, events & activities all in one place?" The answer is a resounding, YES, there is! It's called the BusyBodyBook Organizer and it does all of that and so much more!

Three of our mommies reviewed the BusyBodyBooks and here is what they had to say:

Whitney, mother of 2, also reviewed the 2009-2010 Academic Organizer:

We have a busy family. My husband and I both work full time and we have two children ages 10 months and almost 3 years old. We have lots of appointments between doctors, dentists and the occasional eye appointment too, and even music classes for my daughter. So when I received the BusyBodyBook I was thrilled. Not only does it have 5 columns for all members of my family, it has tear-out To Do lists that I use for grocery shopping, and a place for addresses, special dates, and it even a reminded me of daylight savings time.

My life has been so much more organized since using the BusyBodyBook. I use to write appointments on random pieces of paper then stuff them in my diaper bag, never to be found again. Now I just keep the BusyBodyBook with me everywhere I go so I will never forget, be late, or way too early to a special appointment again. Not to mention I have been able to get gifts accordingly since I now do not have to be reminded the day before a birthday. The BusyBodyBook is a wonderful organizer for the whole family. It is such a reasonable price and has very modern designs in a compact 7" by 10" size to fit perfect in your purse or diaper bag. I will be buying one every year from now on. Thanks BusyBodyBook for putting my family back on track to organization!

Jennifer, mother of 3, reviewed the 2009-2010 Academic Organizer:
I received The BusyBodyBook to review 2 weeks ago and love it! The BusyBodyBook is a must have have for busy moms or even students. It has 5 columns that you can use for numerous things. I use mine for each member of my family for their appointments, play dates, etc. It can also be used for school subjects, meal planning, business, time management or even diet and fitness. The front of the book has emergency information, a page that shows the months at a glance until 2011 and important holidays and what days they land on for 2009 and 2010. It also has two pages for birthdays, anniversaries, etc. There are also plenty of pages for notes, pages for takeout and restaurant information, contact information for important people, tear out shopping lists and two pockets on the inside of the front and back cover to keep important papers. The BusyBodyBook is very durable with a plastic cover on the front and the back, it also comes in different cute designs. Before using this book, I was so unorganized. I would miss appointments, forget about my kids school functions and even forget to pay a bill. The BusyBodyBook has made my life so much easier. For such a small book, it contains everything you need to stay organized. I have tried numerous planners in the past and this has been my absolute favorite!

Terese, guest reviewer & mother of 3, reviewed the 2009 Jan-Dec Organizer:
When Anna came to me with the idea of reviewing a date book/day planner, I must admit I was THRILLED! Ahh, something to get my life organized that I can take with me! Now don’t get me wrong, I have tried other date books, but there was never enough room to jot down a family of five’s busy schedu
le, so I resorted to my calendar that hung on my refrigerator. Well, that usually didn’t work well either, because by the time I was out of the house, I had either forgot to check the calendar or forgot everything that was on it for the day!

Well, relief is here! The BusyBodyBook (we will call it the BBB in this review okay?) is everything you need to stay organized in one not too big, not too small just perfect book!
Memorable yearly events fit perfect in the first few pages of the BBB., so it doesn’t clog up your weekly pages (which probably wouldn’t be a problem anyways!) Then move on to your weekly (and main) scheduling pages. Five blocks of space are provided for each day, perfect for my family o
f five! I assigned each person in our family a block and was able to write down their schedules, unlike with a calendar, where everyone’s schedule has to fit in one block of space. You are also provided space with in that weeks spread for your “to doodles” which could be groceries or other items you may need to get that week. This page also gives you ideas or reminders to do that week (I.e the week of Thanksgiving it reminds you to take your turkey out on Tuesday night and put it in the fridge to defrost!) At the end of the calendar year, you are given pages with each month listed with lines underneath for the next year. I personally used this space to write down what days off my kids have from school for the rest of the school year. I can now easily transfer this when I get my 2010 BBB! In the back of the BBB you can write down the phone numbers and addresses of important people (friends, family, doctors etc.) but don’t use this space for your favorite restaurants information, because there is in a whole other section for that, and did I mention that besides the restaurant section for phone numbers and addresses, there is a take out section too? YAY! No more carrying a phone book with me!

Well, I must say that this book contains a lot, but that is not all! There are also perforated tear out to do lists in the back, write down those things you need to do and take it with you with out the BBB if you want! A notes section is also provided, a perfect place to jot down that poem you just made up, that Christmas list you just got called with, or that funny joke you just heard! Well before I end up writing a book about the BBB, I’ll add in the last perfect little detail to this amazing book. On the inside of the covers are pockets, now I used these the carry my kids school picture envelopes, bills to be paid, and a few pictures. All in all I must say this, even though the BusyBodyBook is jam packed with everything you need to get rid of the chaos of events packed in your mind and on your fridge, it is t
he perfect size to take on the go, not too big not too small, it fits perfectly in my purse or the diaper bag and is VERY sturdy! I highly recommend this book to any mom, woman on the go, or even dad that wants to stay sane with a clear mind (and clean fridge door).

Joan Goldner, Publisher of BusyBodyBook Organizers, has generously offered to Give One of our Lucky Readers a 2010 BusyBodyBook Organizer in 'Berry' or 'Pumpkin' for FREE! She has also offered a 10% Discount for all of our readers to use between now and January 15, 2010, just enter "HMBBB" at checkout.

If you would like to WIN a BusyBodyBook to get your family Organized, here's what you need to do:

Entries in this particular giveaway are open the US & Canada only!

FIRST, you must complete the Mandatory Entry by visiting the BusyBodyBooks website to learn about all the great features of their organizers. Then come back here and post a comment telling me what is your favorite feature of the BusyBodyBook Organizer. Be sure to include your email address in the comment so I can contact you if you win. To prevent bots from picking up your email address and sending you spam, please enter your email address as: "BloggerMommies at gmail dot com"

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We have chosen the Winner!
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Be 1 of 6 Winners of the Coobie Bra
THE Most
Comfortable Bra You'll Ever Wear!

Dr Carey Complete Baby Care Kit
**Review Coming Soon!

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