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Product Submission & Review Policy

Product Submission & Review Policy
"K.I.S.S. (keep it simple silly)"

The following is an outline of the review submission, acceptance, posting, and giveaway policy by and between the manufacturers, sales reps, product owners, and/or suppliers and the BloggerMommies group and should be read thoroughly, as completion of Step 1 serves as an "implied" agreement with the policy in it’s entirety.

Getting BloggerMommies to review your product is quite simple. Just follow the outline below.

Step 1) Send an email to to request a review of your product. In this email please include a picture of the item, a brief description of it’s purpose, a link to your website, and your contact information.

Step 2) I will reply within approximately 7 days to let you know if we decide to review your product.

Step 3) You will need to send us the following:

A) at least one, full-sized product (or full access to your service) for at least one of our mommies to test. Send the BEST example of your product, not a "substandard, irregular, demo model" because a substandard product will most likely result in a substandard review.

B) Complete product information materials.

C) A button-sized digital image ad of your product or logo and the URL of the site you would like linked to this button ad.

D) A note to let us know if you would like to also offer any discounts for moms purchasing your products through a link from our site with a discount code or by mentioning the review on our blog.

E) Let us know if you would like the entrants restricted to the US only, US & Canada only, or Worldwide. If you currently offer your product to countries outside of the US then you will want to also open the entries in those countries also, as it will bring more attention to your product in a larger area. However, remember that you will be responsible for shipping the prize to the winner, in whatever country you allow to enter.

Our Mailing address is:
The Baby Store Plus
ATTN: BloggerMommies
28 W Main Street
Cortez, CO 81321

Step 4) Once we receive the items specified in step 3, our mommies will begin to test the product. We should have our testing completed and a review prepared within 3-4 weeks.

Step 5) Once our review is prepared we will email you a link to the live review post. We will NOT modify our review to please anyone, so please do not ask. If the review is less than positive we will not post it on our blog.

Note: If we decided to Not post the review due to it not meeting our minimum rating requirement, then our business relationship will be terminated and there will be no further obligation on either parties part.

Step 6) We will post your review (if it meets our minimum rating requirement), your button-sized ad, and any specials that you offer our readers, within 2-3 weeks after we complete the review process. The review will include contest rules & instructions.

Step 7) At the end of the approximate 14 day run of your Review, we will close the contest and pick a winner using (or other similar random selector service). The winner will be notified by email and given 48 hours to reply to claim their prize. If they fail to respond within that time period a new winner will be selected.

Step 8) Once we email you the name, address, and the color, size, pattern, etc choices of the Giveaway winner, you have 2 weeks to deliver the item to the winner. Please ship promptly (by a trackable method) because an unhappy winner will not be pleased if they don’t receive their prize and negative publicity spreads faster and farther than any positive publicity.

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Guest Reviewer
Unfortunately, one of our expectant mommies could not remain in our group due to conflicting events in her life. Until we fill this position permanently, we will have guest reviewers for any maternity products.