Thursday, September 3, 2009

BABY 4-1-1 (A Baby Shower Game)

With one of our mommies being pregnant, we are all thinking about her upcoming baby shower. One thing that is always done at baby showers are games. You are probably quite familiar with the usual games, pins in the bottle, guess the measurements of mom's belly, wearing a diaper pin until someone catches you saying the word 'baby', but now there is a new baby shower game that is not only fun, it's educational. It's called Baby 4-1-1 and it was invented by Daphne Hennesey, who was assigned the job of planning the baby shower games for a friends shower. She was always fielding questions from new moms about labor & delivery, taking care of a newborn and such, so she decided to create her own game for the shower that would teach the mom-to-be some of this stuff and allow the experienced moms to show off their knowledge.

Daphne sent us a Baby 4-1-1 game to review. Since Anna L is due in January, we thought it most appropriate that she do the review. Although her baby shower is not planned until early December, she has had the opportunity to play the game with her friends and even her husband. Here is her review...

When I first got home with the new Baby 4-1-1 game, I set it up and started putting the cards in the slots, and low and behold my husband wanted to play! So I read the questions which were very easy to read and understand, and he would answer. Some of the questions we knew because this will be our second baby, but some I really didn't know at all!
The instructions were very easy to understand, as the game is played much like Jeopardy.You can have 2-20 people playing. If you have more than 6 people it is suggested that you play in teams. One person from each team pick's a category and what dollar amount they want, then someone reads the question (usually the guest of honor). If someone from that team answers the question correctly, that team wins the money for that question. Then the next team picks a question. The game goes on until all of the cards are gone. The winner is the person or team with the most money!

A few sample questions are:

Q. How soon should you go to the hospital after your water breaks?
A. Immediately
Dollar Amount $2

Q. What is the color of most newborns hands and/or feet?
A. Bluish (I didn't know that one)
Dollar Amount $3

Q. What does SIDS stand for?
A. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
Dollar Amount $2

My friend came over and I pulled out the Baby 4-1-1 game. We had a blast playing it. Sometimes we would end up talking about the questions for awhile and sharing our different experience's. She really liked the game, and also thought it was neat that it had 'Baby Bucks'. We thought it would be even more fun with more people playing, make it a race for the money! My friend said she would like to have the Baby 4-1-1 game too. I really think this is great for someone who is getting ready to have their first child or even a second or third! I can't wait to use the Baby 411 game at my baby shower, I think it's going to be a hit!

I would definitely recommend the Baby 4-1-1 game to a friend having a baby! You can learn a lot as a new information for first time moms and it even helps you refresh if it's your 2nd or 3rd child. At just $14.95 I think it would make a great baby shower gift that could be used at the shower. I wish there was another game for AFTER the baby is born as well!

If you would like to purchase the Baby 4-1-1 game for your next baby shower, visit the Baby 4-1-1 website to make your purchase.

Daphne has graciously offered to award a Baby 4-1-1 game to one of our Lucky Readers!

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Hazel Nut said...

I am so done with having kids, but I end up helping others plan baby showers and we always end up trying to figure out new fun games. This looks like so much fun!

Count me in for this one!

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