Saturday, February 6, 2010

Follow-Up to Recent Review & Giveaway of The Sippy Straw Cleaner

Follow-Up to our Recent Review & Giveaway of - The ORIGINAL Sippy Straw Cleaner

Jennifer Reyes
, the creator of The Sippy Straw Cleaner, was so pleased with the response received on the BloggerMommies recent Sippy Straw Cleaner Review & Giveaway that she has announced that she will offer our readers a Special 15% Discount on the total purchase of Sippy Straw Cleaners now through February 14, 2010!

So, if you wanted to get your hands on a Sippy Straw Cleaner and SAVE YOUR SIPPIES but you didn't win one, now you can Save 15% on your purchase, but hurry, this offer ends on Valentines Day! Just use Coupon Code "BLOGGERMOM10" at check out to SAVE!

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