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Skitter the Self-Propelled Ride On Toy

Have you heard of the Skitter? It is a self propelled ride on toy. Don't ask me how it works, I don't really understand that myself, but somehow turning the steering wheel back and forth in quick quarter turns causes the Skitter to move forward. No batteries required...they run on pure kid energy!

I recently received one from Michael Newhouse, CEO of SkitterToys, an American company, based in Southern California. The Skitter is recommended for kids age 2 and up so I thought I would let my 2-1/2 year old granddaughter give it a try. She has lots of ride on toys, but most are either motorized or the type that you just push with your feet to make them go. I thought the Skitter might be kind of fun for her since you have to move the steering wheel in order to make it go forward.

We received the bright Pink Skitter (her favorite color) in box with only minor assembly required, unfortunately the box did not include assembly or operating instructions. Not a big deal though, we were able to quickly locate both instructions on the SkitterToys website and got it put together in short order. The Skitter they sent us also included the new upgraded Polyurethane Wheels that are suppose to give you a quieter, smoother ride. We immediately changed out the wheels so I have no idea how the old wheels would have performed.

When we first let Sydney use the Skitter she didn't understand that she needed to put her feet on the top and use the steering wheel to make it go, that was a totally new concept for her. She kept trying to use her feet to push it around.

Her daddy actually had to get on the Skitter himself to show her how to make it go forward. That was pretty funny because his legs were way too long to sit on the Skitter for long. I took her to the smooth surface of the back storeroom of our store where she could safely ride to her hearts content without worrying about traffic or uneven surfaces. After giving her just a few minutes of instructions to 'twist' the steering wheel back and forth just in tiny amounts, she was able to make the Skitter move forward. Watch these two very quick videos of her in action.

Watch Skitter Lesson 1 (21 seconds)
Watch Skitter Lesson 2 (20 seconds)

I had to remind her a few times to put her feet up but very quickly she realized that SHE was making it go forward by moving the steering wheel back and forth. That was all it took, she was working the Skitter back and forth across the room. By mere accident she turned the steering wheel completely around and started working it back and forth and discovered that she was now going backwards. It was so fun to watch her ride it across the room then get off and turn it around to ride it back across the room again.

She will have to practice a while before she gets the turning around part, but she loves it as it is now. She was having fun and getting lots of exercise riding the Skitter around the storeroom. I will have to get her some pads and a helmet before she takes it outdoors, but I think it will be great for riding in the paved area of the park, well away from the street or parking lots.

The weight limit is 150 lbs and they come in six different colors so it would be great for any age boy or girl (and some adults). If my 2-1/2 year old granddaughter can figure it out in just a few minutes of practice, than anyone could learn to ride the Skitter.

Michael is offering a Skitter Ride On Toy to one (**SEE UPDATE BELOW**) of our Lucky Readers, so if you would like to try one out, just follow the instructions below to enter to win one of your own. Visit the SkitterToys website to purchase one now. If you have more than one child you know you are going to need more than one. The are reasonably priced at $69.95, but I see that they are on sale, as of the posting of this review, for just $55.95! (the upgraded wheels cost extra)

***UPDATE 10/7/09: SkitterToy is so pleased with the response to this review that they have upped the Prize!!! They will now award 1 Skitter for Every 100 Entries!! As of the moment of this update we have 162 Entries so only another 38 entries and they will award TWO SKITTERS! If we reach 300 Entries before the Wednesday Oct 14th Deadline, they will award THREE SKITTERS!! And so on!

To WIN a Skitter for your child, here is what you need to do:

Entries in this particular giveaway are limited to the US only.

FIRST, you must complete the Mandatory Entry by visiting the SkitterToy website to see all of the colors and learn more about the Skitter Ride On Toy. Then comment below to tell us what color your child would like to have if you win. Be sure to include your email address in the comment so I can contact you if you win. To prevent bots from picking up your email address and sending you spam, please enter your email address as: "BloggerMommies at gmail dot com"

After completing the mandatory entry above, you can get additional entries by doing any or all of these tasks: (you must leave each entry in a separate comment in order for them to each count.)

~ Become a Follower this blog. (then post in the comment box to say you are now a follower of this blog.)

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~ Blog about this giveaway on or before October 12, 2009 and receive 3 Entries! Must mention new updated prize award of 1 Skitter for every 100 entries to qualify. (Comment with the URL to your blog post and #1 entry, #2 entry, and #3 entry) Note: Do NOT copy & paste this blog post to your blog, that is not "blogging about this giveaway", that is copyright infringement and is against the law.

~ I will even give you an extra entry if you watch the two short video's included in this review and tell me what you think. (after watching the two video's, return here and comment about them. )

*NOTE: Your comments will not immediately appear because they have to be verified & approved first.

This Giveaway will end on Wednesday, October 14, 2009 at 5:00pm (Mountain Time). One random comment will be chosen at that time.
The winning comment will be verified at that time so if you said you follow the blog in your comment and we don't find you in the follow list, we will choose another winner. The winner will be contacted by email and will have 48 hours to reply with their name and shipping address. If a response is not received within 48 hours that winner will forfeit the prize and a new winner will be selected. Sorry, no exceptions. [07950-16876]

Good Luck to Everyone!


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I watched both videos just know on Youtube! I really like the pink/red color! This toy looks like so much fun!!! I really hope to win one for my son! It would make a great Christmas gift! I think that my fiancee would even love it! And I am pretty sure that even I would like it! The little girl in the video seems to be having a lot of fun...and she doesn't look very old, so my son would definitely be able to use this! Thanks so much for the chance!

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